Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sheep everywhere!....5x1k workout

I knew right from the beginning that this workout will be a struggle. My legs did not have any spring in them. I did a 3h bike ride yesterday and although I wanted to go a decent effort I did not have it in me and I just slugged around.
I wonder whether it is because I did not bike or run as soon as I got up. Normally (for example last weekend) I go swimming as soon as I woke up and then I go biking/running. But both yesterday and today I watched TV and ate too much in the morning and did not go out until the afternoon.
Or maybe I really need a down week.

So 65min with 5x1k @ 5k pace with 3min easy btw. I got to the place where I wanted to do those and what I see? Sheep! Someone has decided that my 1k route would be a good place to let their sheep munch on grass. Awesome. Just awesome. So I had to adjust a little bit. Which meant that I went uphill (only slight uphill, but still uphill) and into headwind for 1k and then downhill with tailwind on the way back. My splits nicely show this: 4:03, 3:36, 4:04, 3:46, 4:14.

I swear the wind got worse on the last one. Ok, maybe not by much (but it felt like it suddenly became a monsoon) and I simply died. I pushed and pushed but it did not help.
It was not easy. I had to walk a bit in those 3min easy in between, with each interval more and more. So not easy. Not one bit. Stupid wind. And uphill. (And sheep.) I want my track!!!!! 

I am sure today was a punishment for saying “whatever” on going faster that my 5k pace on Tuesday. This should teach me! :)

I originally wanted to do an easy ride to loosen up legs but I think that I am going to skip it. Then I wanted to go to the pool for an easy flop but my grandmother send me a text message that she will meet me on Skype soon. Hm, and since I have not talked to her in almost 2 months I should skip the swim and be a good granddaughter.

UPDATE: I did do the ride. 1h50min. Interestingly my legs felt fresh and springy.... Soooo different from yesterday.

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