Friday, June 22, 2012

Random but VERY interesting (training-related) facts

My ITB feels awesome. It has been feeling close to 100% for 3-4 weeks now. The only time it is bugging me is when I am sitting on a couch with my feet on a coffee table. When I do that something is pulling on something it seems. Well, it means that I cannot just sit with my feet up:)

I went swimming at 5:15am this morning and finished my run for the day at 10:50pm…..Tough life.

I ran for 70min straight today!!! 70min. You heard that?!? It just hit me, it is like 13k (at my currently very slow pace). I cannot believe it. That’s the longest I have run since…some time in February last year. I think that I ran one or two 90min run that time, just before my ITB flared up big time. But 70min! That’s awesome.

I hope I have not jinxed myself. If I did then the ITB flaring up around Wednesday next week would be a “perfect” timing. I have a MRI scheduled on Monday and a 5k race on Friday. Of course the ITB will be ok on Monday so MRI won’t show anything and then it flares up on Wednesday so I won’t be able to race on Friday. That will be my luck:(

My pool has hills! Because swimming with and against the current is just like doing uphill and downhill repeats, right? Yes, there is a current in my pool. I knew that because I always get thrown to the side at two different places (probably where they let water in, around meter 20 and then 40). But I thought that it is only perpendicular to my swimming path until I started doing some stroke and time descending 50s. And my times are always 1-2sec faster on way out and I need 3-4 less strokes. It is weird, isn’t it?

I rode a bike in rain and I cleaned it afterwards! Unbelievable. I usually just leave the bike as it is, never clean it and then give it a shower in a bathtub when I need to sell or pack it. So it seems that I am becoming a responsible cyclist:)


  1. Nice job on the run. ANd you make me laugh. The MRI will show what is going on whether or not it flares up and gives you pain:) Good luck with the 5K

  2. Our pool has currents too! Crazy but we are used to them at this point. Good practice for ocean swimming! :) GLAD to hear your T band is finally being nice. Take stock in *everything* you're doing and not doing right now and that may lead you to some clues about what it actually is that irritates it?