Saturday, June 30, 2012

Post race

I have re-read my report and what a lame report! Even lamer than my usual ramblings but that’s what you get when I write a report after 10pm. Oh well, I will never be a witty writer.

Couple more race and post-race remarks that I forgot to mention yesterday:
I took a shower in men’s changing room after the race. (Un)fortunately no men walked on me. But think nothing bad! There was a loooooong line for women’s showers so I asked the lifeguard (race was happening in outdoor pool complex) whether I can use shampoo in the shower that’s by the pool for rinsing off. And he told me to go use men’s showers since it is running race for women no men are in showers. Ok. So while all the women waited in line I had the whole shower room for myself:) 

I ran 5k in around 21min at the beginning of June 2010. Then I ran 19min at the end of October. Although that 21min in June was not really due to my lack of fitness but rather me being a chicken I was still able to make a significant progress in 5 months (with one month or so off due to ITB flare up somewhere in those 5 months). So that gives me hope for next few months.

ITB feels good. I am quite surprised because it was not feeling that hot this week (not sure why, but probably those intervals on Sunday because the surface was quite hard or maybe those were just phantom pains, who knows). Also my calves are not tight at all while they usually are after harder efforts. I am sure that it is because I swam immediately afterwards and that helped me to loosen up and also because the race was not on hard roads but on a dirt road. And because of the rain it was nicely soft, muddy sure, but soft.

It was quite fun to compete with that one woman. Of course I think that only now when it is over and I think that because I won our battle but it was fun nevertheless. 

I think that my legs/core are not strong enough for faster running because there were moments when as I landed my leg “gave up” under me. Although it might have been than I landed in a little hole or something.

Since Erdinger sponsors a lot of sport events and athletes n Germany I do not have to use my gift card to buy any beer-related products. Instead I can buy some sport gear with Erdinger name all over it, they sell running shorts, tri stuff, jackets etc. Score! Then I will at least look like one of the hard-core German athletes they sponsor:)

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  1. excellent execution. glad you had fun racing that woman. i think the progression in fitness will be steep but we must, of course, prioritize the IT band. priority 1: make sure IT band stay healthy. priority 2: run fast. so... what do you want to shoot for next??