Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Race into the new year (5k RR)

Yes, it is 1:28am but I am all hyper now and cannot sleep.

Ist'n it great to be able to combine your last race of the old year and the first race of the new year?

The race was totally unplanned and it was all my sistet's fault, she told me last week that I should do a New Years Eve race. She soon regretted that she suggested it:)

I did not have great expectations because racing at midnight, after one week of face stuffing is just not real racing. Plus they had champagne at the "water" stations and fireworks as we ran that staryed at exactly midnight. So not a PR race:)

It was one of those fun races that I do not like doing. Thus I was still hoping to run under 20min but since I did not wear a watch and I totally zoned out and enjoyed the fireworks when they started I ran 20:20 or something like that. I felt great the whole time, nicely controlled. I "powered" through that run with my hip flexors/glutes, which is exactly what I need to do to keep my ITB in check.

I have never ran at midnight. And I love trying new things. So it was fun!

And I was the third woman and won awesome New Years party hat and $25. So my sister is somehow satisfied:)

Ok, I am going to bed now. I tried to take nap this afternoon but I could not fall asleep so I am a zombie now. I am going to sleep till noon tomorrow. I mean today.

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  1. So fun! My dad was just talking about how we need to do one of these!