Sunday, December 30, 2012

Time to wrap up 2012

I have spent 2 months doing pretty much nothing at home in Slovakia, 7 months working in Germany (loved it!!!), finished my Masters, went to see Tour de France action in Paris, watched Olympic tri and marathon in London, and finally got visa and started the job in IL. So nothing to complain about, really!

The big training related goal was to fix my ITB so I can run. I don't know whether it is 100% fixed yet but I have been running without major set backs for 10 months now!!! You hear that? 10 months!!! I credit regular massage therapy, slight change in my running stride and very conservative approach to running for this awesomeness.

(Speaking about conservative has its pros and cons.
Cons are that I am not as fast as I want to be right now (break 19' in a 5k again). I really think that if I let CH or Michelle coach me this year I would be faster...for a month...or in theory. In reality I would be injured. You see, I think that me and PPC are really the only people who fully realize how fragile and annoying my ITB is because we have been through it. No doubt that Michelle would realize it too but not unless it flares up on her. And we do not want that. Do not have time for that. I tried with CH and it flared up because he too did not understand the extension of this injury.
Pros of this low mileage and conservative approach is that I am running! Good enough for me.)

I did 7 races in 2012 (plus more to go at midnight on 31st), 3 running races and 3 tri races, 1 mtb race, which is still kind of unbelievable to me, 7 races is a lot. The first 4 were kind of blah and I had no fire in me (although I am not complaining because I always "podiumed") but the last 2 were a blast. 2013 is going to be blast too. I am fired up!

I had several more specific s/b/r goals for 2012 and none of them worked out. I am blaming partly circumstances (96%) and partly my lack of mojo (4%).
Yes, I think that last year was a wasted year (when it comes to biking and partially to swimming too, and running of course but at least I can run now) but I got to spend time in Germany and since s/b/r does not feed me I am letting it go.

Onto 2013 now!


  1. Your life is such an adventure! I love it. This is the time for it, and you are living your life to its fullest! PPC's got talent, ha? I agree. Stick with someone who gets you. Have a super 2013!

  2. What a busy and successful year it has been for you! Here's to 2013! Happy NYE!