Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How is it going?

I bought a TV (I do not believe that every hour of TVwatched after the age of 25 reduces the viewer's life expectancy by 21.8minutes. One study in England claims so). As we were sitting on my sister’s couchover holidays and squinting (is that a word?) our eyes to be able to seesomething on her 19” TV I told her that if she wanted a bigger one I will buythis one from her. (At the time I did not know that she paid for this one withmy parent’s credit card and the little businessman is making profit on thisdeal). So I bought it and got Roku and now I do not need to watch Netflix movieson my 12" netbook screen. But I didn't really cared about it, I was more concerned with that thing crashing anytime soon because it already did once and I don't have a computer.
How awesome would that be if TdF or Giro started inWashington? They will probably never pull it off though.

Anyone knows how to file a claim for tax refund in Germanyand Slovakia? I can do the US one myself. Oh, joys of filling tax returns…

One wardrobe purchase I committed to yesterday got methinking about what the most expensive piece of clothing I owe is. And it isLouis Garneau tri shorts for around $90. Although it is a lot of money forshorts and I would prefer spending it on cake food I LOVE those shorts.Seriously. I can do 3+ h trainer ride in aero in those shorts and I have noproblem what so ever. They are so comfy, and I do not use any anti-chafe cream andthey are still so comfy.

My bank account in France is still not closed! It has been 6months since the date I went there and asked them to close it. I already yelledat them over phone and sent them a nasty letter but nothing helped. Thoseinefficient French. If anyone plans on going to Paris area in a near future letme know, I will ask you to go to my bank and yell at them for me.

I have figured out how to get rid of those dreams involvingpolar bears. No, not by turning on heating. I am using my 0F sleeping bag. Socozy.

Bring on NHL!

I am 99% sure that I will do Wiesbaden 70.3 in summer 2014.I would like to visit my fam in Europe and I have unfinished business with Germanbeer glasses.

I need to start staring at the wall in front of me when I amon a trainer instead of staring at my handlebars stem. I think that it isimportant because I must look in front of me when I am biking outside and I donot want to get used to staring down.

I wish it was June 30th already! That’s whenBuffalo Springs 70.3 is happening.

So I won that $25 certificate to a running store in Tulsaand told my sister to go buy something for herself. She responded that no thankyou unless they have “couch potatoe” car stickers. She knows her flaws.

It is interestingly irrational how I am (relatively) ok withspending $700 on a set of wheels and at the same time I am always reluctant tospend $50 on a massage therapist. It is probably because I can see the wheelsbut I cannot see … (you see, there is nothing to see for those $50, exceptbruises of course). Also because I, likethe rest of us, hope that equipment will make me so much faster whereas massagedoes not really have a “tangible” effect. But I am constantly reminding myself notto be an idiot because if I do not pay for the massage I will not even be ableto use the bike and wheels. (That being said I just called my PT and set up anappointment for tomorrow)

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