Friday, December 21, 2012


Couple not only training related facts

I have a reoccurring dream that involves polar bears. Now I figured out why. I do not turn the heat on in my apartment unless water in the water pipes freezes, and then I am cold at night. So I am sure that because I was freezing I was dreaming about being at the North Pole. This is the first time I realized how our physical state influence our dreams. I also had a dream this past week telling someone how thirsty I was and then I drank like four glasses of water. I woke up and realized that I was really thirsty in reality. Isn’t that interesting? 

I have eaten my weight in cookies this week so far. I know that I said that I needed to lose some weight before that 70.3 in Lubbock in June but that might have to wait until (not sure when). I am not one of those people who stress out about putting on weight during holidays. It is holidays! Life is short! Enjoy! Do not stress out about food. We have then all year to try to shed those extra pounds. 

Speaking of 70.3. When my sister was here over Thanksgiving I explained to her what those 13.1, 70.3, 140.6 stickers on car mean. She thought that it might have something to do with radio station frequencies. I do not blame her. People in Europe (at least in parts where I had a chance to spend time) do not put stickers to show their “achievements” on display on their cars. Plus most Europeans do not know how many miles are in a half-marathon. 

So we do not run in miles in continental Europe (Englishmen are excluded, because they are…hm…different. They claim). But I clearly remember that when I was in maybe 10th grade I was watching an old series about some runners running/training for the mile. Which means that 30+ years ago in communist era people in Czechoslovakia used to run the mile race. I also know that some time ago some things were measured in feet. But now we consider anything other than metric units very archaic.

Did the third run on a road this week. Still have not found courage to do strides on a road.
I re-realized (because I have already realized this before) that when I concentrate on making my glutes/hip stabilizers working I had to force my muscles to work so hard that I clutch my fists, grimace my face and all that stuff you do when you are working hard. That’s probably not good.

I have a swimsuit and it is the best swimsuit ever. I bought it in mid-July and used it 6-7 days a week until mid-Sept and then 4-5x week since then. And it is still not falling apart. That thing is awesome. It is Speedo brand and I bought it in TKMax (German version of TJMax) for 10Euros. I actually bought two and I am glad I did. 

I smell like chlorine a little bit. I did not smell like chlorine in Germany when I swam every single day for weeks and sometimes even 2x a day. I do not know whether it is because most of those swims were in outdoor pool and they use different amount of chlorine in outdoor pools than they do in indoor pools. Or because they use less chlorine in pools in general. I guess that it is the later because everything in the US has a lot of artificial junk in it. 

Ok, I am off to Oklahoma for holiday.