Friday, December 14, 2012

Swim test and a race in 2014

I did another swim test on Tuesday. I improved my 50 yards swim by 1 sec to 35sec. I improved my 200 by 4sec to 2:43. I worsened by 1000 by 17sec to 16:07 (Which is around 1min slower that what I swam last year). Michelle has a theory about it and it might take a few months to prove it so stay tuned! (Just kidding. You don’t have to wait for the outcome of this. I will likely forget about it too.)

I need to look at some naked pictures and figure out where exactly lats are because I am not sure I do this swimming thing right. 

I have received an email today that I had qualified for the USA Olympic Distance Age-Group Nationals. Hm?!? How can a non-American who has not even raced an Olympic distance triathlon qualify for USA Olympic distance nationals? But it all just proves what I already knew and that’s that the qualifying process for any triathlon age-group champs is one big joke. So leaving my opinion on the qualifying process itself aside it seems that the race itself indeed offers some good competition. And it seems that even non-citizens can participate. Although I am not sure about it because I have not done any deep research into it since I will not do it. I would like to do it though! But unless something happens I will be at the super duper awesome can’t wait for training camp with Michelle at that time.
But that email got me thinking. I am going to find out what the Slovak triathlon governing body World Age-group Champs qualification criteria are and put that race as my goal for 2014.

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