Monday, December 3, 2012

2013 season

So now that my last race of the year is over (by the way, I cannot believe that I did 5 races this year. On one hand I cannot believe that I did only 5 races, on the other hand I cannot believe that I was able to do 5 races. You see the difference?) I do not feel guilty about thinking about the next year.

It seems that on every blog I read people are planning they schedules for 2013 and I really really would like to do the same and get all excited about races. However, the way the sign-up for triathlon races works is unbelievable frustrating and stupid. Basically if I do not sign up for races asap (like NOW!) they sell out and then I will be able to do only small local (read: not-so-competitive) races and I do not want that. I want to do some big competitive races! But I do not want to sign up for them because if I cannot do them nobody gives me my money back. And me being not a very optimistic person, I estimate my chances of being able to race at 62.28%. 

Anyway, I need to think about this little more and decide what to do. But this is what I would like to do:

Indoor triathlon in Feb – should be interesting…

Buffalo Lake Springs 70.3 – the only race I am signed up for. They have a reasonable reimbursement policy in case I cannot do it.

Boulder 70.3 – If I like/survive BLS and see that maybe I can be competitive and have a shot to get to Vegas I am thinking about trying to get that spot. Plus I have never been to Colorado but I want to go badly! So that would be part of a vacation. Although I am not sure that it would work out with the altitude.

Steelhead 70.3 – the same as above except for the vacation part.

Chicago triathlon – I would like to go spend a day (or four) in Museum of Science and Field museum and take my cousin to visit Chicago so it would make sense to combine both.  I will probably sign up for this 

5k/10ks in winter/spring – Local 5ks and 10ks (actually, make that 10k races. I need to become a 10k runner.) 

Half-marathon in spring (St Louis HM?)- There is a danger than my ITB will not survive that but I really would like to race a half-marathon (It will work as a benchmark for BLS 70.3.). But if I do only one in lieu of my long run it might work. So I will see how it goes. I “raced” half only twice in my life, when I was in high school. And I did not really raced it, I had no idea what I was doing. My mom was slightly mad at me because you know, running is very bad for you. The year later she and my dad went somewhere on the race day so I went to run it again. But dang, somebody told her that I ran and I think that then she forbade me to do it again. So I had to put my career as a half-marathoner on hold:) Now I would like to resume it.
Plus some local triathlons throughout the year.

I am quite excited for BLS! I need to sign up for some other races so I have more to look forward to!


  1. New this year is the ability to take out insurance on your triathlon race entry fees! It's $7 extra and then if when the time comes you can't compete b/c you're sick or injured you file a claim with a Dr note and get reimbursed for your entry fee! Pretty good deal for someone like you I'd say?

  2. Like Michelle said, you can now do this for HM entry fees as well:) COngrats on that 5K. A 19:30 on little effort is awesome. Here is to an injury free season. You will rock it!