Friday, November 2, 2012

Swim test

25 yard pool. (Wouldn’t it be great to have a 50m outdoor pool to swim in? But with no German senior citizens please!)

50: 36 This might be my new PR or if it is not I certainly at least matched my old one.
200: 2:47 This is probably my new PR. I am not 100% positive but I think it is. It was hard!  (I need to start keep track of my swimming PRs somewhere)
1000: 15:50 Not my PR. I think that the fastest I have ever gone was 15:10 in one of my 3x1000 workouts. Maybe Missy Franklin can swim at WR pace, then do an easy 5min recovery swim and come back to break another WR but I am not Missy Franklin yet so 5min easy swim was not enough to recover from the 200 that had left me trashed. I am just glad I did not drown during the 1000.

I am pretty satisfied overall. Although I thought that I have more endurance than this. But who cares? It was just to get a baseline.

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