Friday, November 16, 2012

More bruises

My sister has already stopped pretending that she is listening to me (For example, I clearly told her that I was going to Louisville for XC nationals tomorrow and she totally forgot about it. Can you believe that?!? Such an important piece of info and she forgets.) so I am going to ramble to you.
So yes, I have decided to go to Louisville tomorrow. Will be fun. I hope that some speed rubs onto me (but I do not believe in that anymore. I went to both France for TdF and England for Olympics and I am still slow).

 I again look like an abused woman. I went to the PT on Wednesday and he got Graston certified two weeks ago so he was eager to practice on me. I have heard that Graston was pretty good and pretty painful. I cannot tell you yet whether it is effective or not but it was not that painful. I mean it was painful, but nothing like the pain caused by that plunger thing the German masochist used to use on me. (I cannot imagine what that guy would do to me with Graston tool on hand). Now I have a huge nasty bruise along my ITB. PT said that the muscle under my skin felt like sandpaper but that it got better as he worked on it. He also worked on the ITB right where it “inserts” into the knee, basically the area where it hurts. Normally, I leave that area alone because even the slightest pressure on ITB there irritates it. I cannot even get ultrasound treatment there because even that gentle movement of the UltS tool along the ITB irritates it. But he worked on it and no irritation. (I still do not like this PT as much as I did the German guy but I might learn to if he keeps with this Graston thing)

Walking hurt afterwards, but not because of ITB pain but because of general pain and bruising. Also pushing of the wall in the pool hurt (and still hurts). But ITB feels good so all is good.

I am almost 100% pain-free when lifting my left leg when standing straight. I must have bruised a bone in the back of my pelvis or something as I felt on that log two weeks ago. 

I did some 2min TT efforts after muscular endurance intervals on a bike yesterday and I liked it a lot. Best one was in around 285W, which I am happy with. I am happy with it at least until I check what my 2min efforts were last year:)*

My sister is coming on Tuesday and staying till Monday. Woo-hoo! We are going to go to St Louis for a day and then to Chicago for 2-3 days. We have not booked anything yet though because hotels in Chicago are so expensive?!? Why are they so expensive??? We went to Vegas two years ago over Thanksgiving break and even Vegas was not as expensive as Chicago is. If you know about a good reasonably priced place to stay in Chicago, let me know! 

Local bike store has a huge sale starting Thu night and they have great deals on Easton racing wheels, like 70% off deals. I will go to try to get them and then learn how tubulars work... (I was planning on paying off my college loan in December but that will have to wait until earlier next year because of these unexpected expenses (cough*four bikes*cough*wheels*cough) but it is once in a year opportunity and I do not want to miss it)

* So I checked a few numbers from last year and I was able to hold that kind of power for 5min. Ups. But I am still pleased. Although of course last year workouts were different than this one so I should not be comparing it.


  1. Graston was magic for me... would be super if it worked for you too! Breaks up scar tissue and encourages your body to restart the healing process. :)

  2. OMG! Graston is AMAZING! It helped me so much.