Sunday, November 25, 2012

Let me know what you see in these running videos

I did 1200s on a track on Wednesday (hunting season, trails are still closed) and asked my sister to take some videos of me running from different angles so I can see what's going on hoping it will help me to fight my ITB problem.

Here I am running 4x1200 at 4:35ish pace (6:08ish pace) and I will be very very grateful for feedback from my 1.5 readers. I am not going to say what I see because I do not want to influence anyone.
Looked at them in slow motion if it is possible, you can see it better that way. Or how do I make it possible for you to see it in slow motion?


  1. First thing, you've got great legs:)
    You have a nice stride. You lean forward, do not overstrike, land on your toes and mid foot. I see your arms crossing over your body, but a lot of people do that. I also see overpronation in both legs; it seems that you make contact with ground and stay there a tad too long. I also see a bit of bouncing form side to side, but not in all videos.

  2. boy, you sure know how to show your sister a good time! I am so inexpert at gait analysis (inexpert being a massive understatement) but I see forefoot striking (great for a middle distance runner and also for 5 km). I don't see overstriding. Excellent. I do see a ton of torso twisting... your arms really come in front of your body rather than reaching out in front of you as if to shake someone's hand (which is how optimal arm/shouler motion was once described to me). These latter points would not explain IT band issues, I don't think.

  3. Now that my 1.5 readers (thanks both of you!) gave me feedback I can say what I saw:)

    I does look like im overpronating, doesn't it? But my shoes have "worn out" pattern like im supinating and 4 people (running shoes salesmen, PTs) told me they do not see overpronation. So i have no idea what 's that about.

    Yes, i cross my centerline with arms. I knew that.

    When i look carefully i see that im doing some weird movement with my left leg as i kick back. I go "in" with my feet and then move the whole "below the knee" part of my leg out to the side. I do not do that with my right leg, that one stays "in line". I do not know whether i have always done that or only now whether i concentrate on my right leg and let the left one do whatever.

    Since im no expert this is as far as i got.
    overall stride looks ok, maybe it is some smaller things that only an expert would be able to recognise that cause the trouble. Or maybe everything is good now because i have been working on my running mechanics and ITB has been behaving for a couple months now.
    But i will try to see what i can do about that left leg.

    Im sure that my sister has enjoyed her visit! :) I bougjt her running shoes and i even turned the heat on because she was comolaining about my apartment being too cold.

  4. I got here late - but I saw all the same things you did. One of the things to remember is that your body will make adjustments, so your arm swing is probably just to counteract stuff going on lower in your body - trying to change that might not be a good idea.

    I wish my heels went as high on the back-kick as yours (they used to)!