Sunday, November 4, 2012

My stove works

Yes, that's right, after exactly 39 days of living in this apartment I finally cooked something and used my stove for the first time today. I am just glad it works, would be a bummer if it did not.
I cooked pasta in case you are curious:) Then I added cottage cheese, avocado and overpriced whole sugar snap peas. I made an extra large portion of that pasta so I can eat it also tomorrow. (My grandma always cooks a lot of pasta and puts it into a fridge, then just pours hot water over it and voila it is like freshly cooked. She does that because she feeds not only my cousins and my granddad with it but also huns and neighbor's cat and she never knows who shows up when so she must be prepared.)

I am sure you are wondering what I have eaten all this time. Honestly, I do not know. After I was done with all those cookies, cheesecakes, mild duds, starbursts, muffins I honestly do not know. I guess I have been eating bread with cheese, apples, steamed veggies with fish, jogurts and little bit more of those muffins and cookies this whole time.

I need to start planning my meals or something because otherwise I will just eat bread/cheese/tomatoe/peppers, apples and joghurt for lunch and steamed veggies for dinner every single day.
I am not a huge cook as you can tell and I do not even have things like salt and spices in my kitchen. Some people might think that then everything must just taste the same with no flavour but I like it that way.

Training update: I do not have sore muscles anymore and the only pains left are those caused by falls. My right knee is little slowen and bruised, muscle on the right shin is swollen, something around my right shoulder blade hurts (you see, I could not easily unclip my right shoes so I kept falling on my right side until I realized that the cleat is loose) and then once I fell to the left on a fallen log and something in my side/lower back is bruised and hurts. But it will go away, it just hurts to turn when I am lying in bed.

I did an aerobic 2 hour bike ride followed by 65min run today. I drove 15 miles to the lake for that because I did not want to run twice on a road this week (I ran 40min on a road on Friday) and roads there are just so nice for biking: minimun intersections, smooth pavement, minimum cars, only one dog (but he does not chase me like those other two near my house do). I find it completely crazy to drive a car to some place so you can ride a bike. It makes zero sense! But I am getting brainwashed in this country so I did it:(
I felt good but later I could definitelly feel little bit of fatigue in legs. No wonder, today was the fourth day in a row I biked. 4 days, 4 different workouts on three different bikes (I do not count my comuting to work as a workout thus not included in this statistics). Maybe I should buy a cross bike next year. It sounds like fun:) Actually I would have bought one already because there are races every weekend and also some week nights but they are one hour away and I am not doing that! (At least until I get completely sucked into American wastefull way of living)

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