Saturday, July 7, 2012

Shopping diaries

Not a fan of shopping. But there was no other way. I had to go shopping today morning.

It was quite warm so I was wearing jean shorts. Since I was at PT on Wednesday I have a kinesio tape all over my right hamstring, knee and ITB. The tape is bright pink. And my casual shoes are black and pink (the same pink as the tape!). And I was wearing pink shirt. I always get stares from people (mostly from little kids) when I walk around with that tape on my leg but today not only was I walking around downtown Hannover all taped up but I was wearing outfit that matched with my tape color…. Dork look! 

I bought a new swim goggles yesterday but although they seemed to fit ok when I tried them in store they turned out to be too big when I tried swimming with them last night (which by the way means that now I am 9k behind my weekly swim goal. Lost cause.). So I was forced to buy goggles for kids because it seems to be the only size that fits me. I hope it fits! Now I have goggles that have little baby dolphins painted on them.
And while I was there…they had running shoes on sale. Nike racers. 109Eur down to 77.90Eur. Wouldn’t you buy it?!? (Originally I wanted to buy NB, the same model that I had last year and this year, 125Eur down to 85Eur (they are 100USD in the US) but they did not have my size). 

The last stop was bike store to get CO2 cartridges. Female customer in a bike store staffed with 3 males. I was the only customer. One of them immediately asked me what I needed. I said I was looking around. Then the other one came over as I was looking at shoes and started telling me something about female vs unisex shoes. And then the 3rd one started asking me what kind of biking shoes I wear and some other questions. “Please leave me alone”. I could not even remember what shoes I wear…I said Specialized, hm, something, hm, I do not remember. They were looking at each other, smiling. “I need to get out of there before they ask me anything else!” I grabbed the first cartridges I saw, paid and ran out. Then I realized that I bought a set of 5 non-threaded cartridges and I need threaded ones. But there was no way I was going back there to return them! 

Then I went to do my bike intervals. Plan was 5x5min at 240+. I had just enough time to finish the fourth one and then had to sprint to the nearnest town where I spent over half an hour under the bus stop shelter waiting till the storm is over. Lighting, thunder, hauling wind. We had it all. Totaled 3hours of riding (1h w/up, 4x5min hard w/ cca 7:15 easy to get back to the start, 1h c/d).  

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