Friday, July 13, 2012

No idea what’s going on

My swims this week have been the worst swims ever. I was not able to hit any of my send-offs this week. And I am not talking about missing few send-offs at the end because of fatigue. I am talking about not being able to hit the send-offs already in the second interval! Whereas I had no problem to hit those numbers 2 weeks ago. Plus my arms always start to hurt badly after around 1800m, I am unable to hold the elbow high, pull strongly whatsoever, totally losing control over my arms. It was so bad that yesterday I cut the workout short after 2300m because I was just pulling down with the straight arms. It was little better today though. Arms were still hurting but was able to do 3000m. Weird thing is that I do not feel any soreness or fatique after the workout. I do not understand it. I would understand if I was tired or something. But I swam only 9k last week so the arms should be super fresh and ready to hit some nice numbers. Instead, my swimming is worse. I wonder whether it can be in fact due to swimming only 9k last week, but 9k is still pretty good so I should not have lost all my feel for the water or got out of shape. 

I am perplexed!!!

Other than that, everything is going smoothly.
I did a big gear intervals workout on Wed. I was very cautious because such intervals used to trouble my ITB but it felt ok. The only problem is that there are no hills here. Hannover area is even flatter than Michigan! There is only one hill around (there are other hills too but I would a car to be able to get there) and it took me less than 2min to climb it (climb” might be a slight overstatement though), plus the road is quite busy and it starts right on a curve so you basically do not see whether there are any cars approaching from neither direction. Thus not ideal and I am not sure whether I will do it again. I will probably just stick to my 1min falling-off-the-bike-effort intervals on Wednesdays. Unless it rains, than those intervals might be slightly dangerous and I might hit this hill.

I was wearing my new Erdinger biking vest and I loved it. It is totally windproof, which is great. It is little too big because I ordered Large but I can deal with that. And of course, it gives me a look of a freaking fast German pro. (Well, they should have given me something else if they do not want us regular folks to wear their team gear…But I did not wear their shorts and arm warmers with that vest, I do not want to overdo it:))

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