Saturday, July 14, 2012

1000s in a pool

I have not done this workout in forever and today seemed liked a good day for 1000s:) 3x1000 w/ 1min rest.
First one was a warm up. 21:08, but that includes headcrash with one dude and a short break to discuss it. I was freezing.
Second one was 20:30, it felt good and I was not freezing anymore.
Third one was 20:19, and it also felt good. I was working little bit harder than on the second one and I believe that I could have gone under 20min if I wanted to. Next time!
I was expecting my arms to start hurting as they did in every single swim this week but the pain never came. Great! I think that I got over that weird thing.
You know what is interesting? I did 1500m in a 50m pool in around 27min at the end of February without much problem. That is around 1:48 pace. Whereas now I have sometimes problem to do 100s at 2min send-offs. That is totally discouraging. Is it possible that I really lost all the fitness in March and April when I was swimming only sporadically and then May and half of June when I did not do any hard intervals. Or is it possible that this pool where I swim now is “slow”?  
I do not know, it is just all very very strange.

But you know what? I am not analyzing it too much and I do not dwell on my pathetic swim. I am swimming 17k a week so I MUST be getting better at swimming and all those weeks will add up and I will eventually become a fast swimmer. It just takes time. 

My knee does not agree with the big gear intervals I did on Wednesday. Not ITB, that one is fine. It is something in my actual knee. I started with intervals today (minuters) and I bailed on them after the 7th one because I felt like a shi* and because my knee started to hurt. At first I felt like a slacker because honestly I bailed out more because of not feeling that great than knee pain and thinking that maybe I should have just pushed through it. I was thinking about doing at least something easy but I am glad I did not. Because it was still 1h15min ride and the last 5min were basically a one-leg drill because I could not push with that knee. It does not bother me when walking or running, just pushing on pedals makes it painful. Therefore I believe that it must have been that big gear stuff.
I shall see how it feels tomorrow, and I might do a short easy ride.

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