Sunday, July 8, 2012

Finally a good run!

I finally had a running workout that I am satisfied with. Not only I ran on a measured course but I am satisfied with my pace and how it felt.

Ok, it is not track so it is not 100% accurate but I used both gmap-pedometer (or whatever the name is) and Garmin, so it must be close. Few meters plus or minus do not matter, as long as I always use this very same route so I can compare my times.

25min w/up, 10min tempo, 3x1k w/ 3min easy, rest c/d.
This time I actually calculated my tempo pace before hand. It was supposed to be 10sec per mile slower than my 10k pace. I used 42min as my 10k pace, which is 4:12/k, which is 6:43/mile, +10sec is 6:53/mile, which is 4:18/k. Phew. This imperial and metric mixing is making things confusing:)
I did not feel super fresh (must be those bike intervals I did yesterday) but I got into groove after few minutes and finished the tempo with 4:15 pace average. You see, the problem is that I am always worried that I will slow down way too much at the end and therefore I like to give myself a cushion. I did not slow down as you can see. Although it probably felt little harder than it was supposed to feel.
Then I took around 5min rest and off to 1k. Those were great. 3:56, 3:54, 3:53. I tried to remember to keep my stride shorter and engage my core and whatever else needs to be engaged. However it is hard to do when I do intervals. But I am able to make sure I keep a good posture during the easy jobs between. I have to force the stride, otherwise it would be just a slogging with a broken form.
I was able to actually jog the whole 3min easy inbetween! And those intervals did not feel like I was going all out and die at the end. Sweet!
Then had just enough time to gulp down two slices with cheese and hurried to meet my biking buddy for an easy bike ride. 2h45, the last hour in a pissing rain:( Two days in a row riding in rain. Grrr.
Clearly it was not as easy as I would like it to be because I was watching TdF and I fell asleep on a floor, missed km 48.3 to km 10.8, then the commentator got excited about something that Nabali did and he woke me up.
Finished the day with a very easy flop in the pool, could not do anything faster. I am surprised that I did not drown.

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  1. Awesome! Is there anything better than having such a hard workout that all you can do is flop into the pool?! :) So perhaps your itb is doing better these days??