Sunday, February 10, 2013

Training update

Phew, this is so unlike me! I am still super busy at work and I do not expect it to calm down any time soon. Working life is not all sunshine:)

Some highlights from the past week:

Ok, this actually happened last Saturday already and I wanted to blog about it but I did not. I did another MAF run, this time I chose HR 160 and it seems that 160 is more reasonable than 155 because I ran 80min at 5:12 pace as opposed to 5:56 pace one weeks prior to that. And 5:12 is exactly in the middle of the range that PPC calculated for me. So 160 it is.

I went skiing on Sunday. Skiing in Midwest sucks. It was not as bad as skiing in Detroit area but I still would not call it skiing. I met one guy and we started skiing together after we met at the lift 4th time. I do not know what it is but I always seem to attract people who are twice my age. Seriously, ever since I was a kid I always ended up doing stuff with guys twice my age. And believe me I would rather be hit on by a 20 year old (or maybe 30 years old?) that being an adoptive daughter for a day. Those older guys do not try to hit on me or anything, they just "father" me. Oh well, I do not know what it is about me.

I did a 3h ride on a trainer yesterday. And I did another today. Let me tell you, the last 2h59min of today's ride sucked!:) Also Saturday was not very exciting but at least I had something to look forward to once I was done: it was 9pm, I had nothing else to do and I could go to sleep. Today I still had long run off the bike to tackle so nothing to look foward to really. Ok, I did 1h easy which was so-so, then some intervals/moderate pace for next hour and I liked those but when it was time for easy 1h at the end I was not happy. It was the plain stubborness what made me going. I was getting sick of staring at that little stem screw. Although the biggest part of it was that I was starting to get really uncomfortable because riding in aero on a trainer without using chamois cream starts sucking after several hours. Let's just say that it involved some blood and if I had a boyfriend he probably would not be the "luckiest" guy in the world.
Then I did 76min easy run and I felt surprisingly very good, legs were springy. I did not wear HRM or Garmin, I just went as I felt. I estimate 8:10-15 pace. I wanted to do 80min but at minute 76 I got a shooting pain going from my hip alongside my ITB to my knee so I stopped immediately and walked the remaining half a mile. It was not anything serious but I am not doing anything stupid that might cause me bang my head on a wall later.

My powermeter is either broken or hard gear intervals are magic because I am seeing some very good high numbers.

5x5min max intervals start again next week. Michelle asked me whether I was excited. NO!!!! I want to cry! Those intervals are one of the hardest workout I have ever done, of course I am not excited.

I made calzones today. They are yummy. But do not ask me what I put in them because I do not know. I and a coworker bought a produce basket and split it and I used some green vegetables from it to stuff those calzones. And I do not know what it was. I also used cabbage, mushroom and tuna. And I finally caved in and bought salt and pepper to put in them. They are sooooo good!

I am off to bed because I am super tired and my legs do not feel that springy anymore.

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