Saturday, February 2, 2013

11 months!!!

I have zero motivation to blog. I do not know why. Maybe because I am super busy at work and the last think I want to do in my spare time is to stare at my computer screen again, maybe because there is nothing exciting going on, just regular sbr.

Thus the bullet points.

I have had problems sleeping this past week. Well, not sleeping really but I woke up in the early morning and then could not fall back into sleep. Except Wednesday, Wednesday I slept until 7.
Being an early morning riser was not necessarily a bad thing this week though because I had to get up at 4am on Monday to fit a 2h ride before work and 5am yesterday to fit yet again a ride before work.

I had a pretty good tempo run yesterday. 25min at 4:17/km pace and it felt effortless. Ok, that pace should feel effortless but since this is early February and I am in a base phase and my other faster runs felt like crawling I think that it went rather well. Must have been those hard gear intervals I did at 5am that woke my legs up:)

I was able to run consistently for 11 months!!! Ever since my ITB started bothering me in Feb 2009 the longest I went without a major flare up was ~7 months (August 2010-February 2011), the rest was usually 2-3 months on, 1month off, "on" periods getting progressive shorter while "off" progressively longer culminating in 2 weeks on and 4 months off throughout 2011. So yeah, that's exciting and I have a feeling that I will be celebrating a one year running anniversary in a month because my ITB feels great.

I was thinking about going to watch XC nationals in St Louis today but I do not have motivation. Also don't have time if I want to fit in a swim and a run and a bike today, and weather is not good. I will rather go skiing tomorrow and don't want to drive to StL area twice. I know....skiing in mid-west....hopefully the hill is more than just a molehill. I will find out tomorrow.

Also my weight loss update. I was thinking about it but have not been doing anything about it. I still eat cheesecake for breakfast. But I weighted myself in mornings on Wed, Th and Fr (to have a bigger sample) and I consistently weighted 138-139 pounds. I was at 144-145 the last time I weighted myself which was in October I think. Some of those 6 pounds is probably because of loss of water (I weighted myself the first thing in the morning after sleeping for ~7 hours and not drinking anything) but some must be a fat loss, right? Since I have not changed my eating habbits (yet. More on that later) it was solely an increase in exercise that helped that. So now if I combine exercise with better eating I should be able to get to ~135 before June.


  1. ok, i am definitely too baby-focussed. my first thought when i saw the title of your blog was "oh wow, monika's baby is 11 months old today."
    CONGRATULATIONS! 11 months... that is fabulous. 4 months longer than any other stretch. Excellent.
    btw, i would be curious to read a blog post by you giving your reaction to the Lance Armstrong "confession"... no pressure :)

  2. I wrote a blog in February 2011 called 6 months or something like that after I was able to run for 6 months and I clearly remember that you told me that your first thought was that I was 6 months pregnant:) Back then you were baby-making-focused.

    Actually I do have some thoughts about the whole Lance Armstrong affair, not only about his confession. I was thinking about writing about it but then decided not to because I am not really that interested in it and really he is the only person in the whole world who knows the whole truth and the rest of us are just "guessing". But expressing my thoughts would not hurt I guess. Thus I will do it for you:)