Thursday, July 11, 2013

And now what?

Do not worry, I am going to do Vegas. I just bought flights tickets 2 minutes ago. (My cousin and my sister are coming because eventhough neither of them wanted to go to Texas with me, when I said I am racing in Vegas they both suddenly got exciting about my racing...)

The week after Buffalo Springs Lake was super recovery. Pretty much sitting on my butt for 5 days. Both because I had zero motivation to do something and because I was at work from dusk to dawn every day including 12h on July 4!
Michelle said that sitting on my butt for 5 days might kill me but I like taking risks:)

ITB is good. It hurt evening after the race and during the night but I made sure not to bend my knee unless necessary and that helped I think and it felt good again on Tuesday already.

So Vegas.....I am not excited for the race. It seems that I was either excited by the idea of qualifying but not actually racing it, or I am not excited because I am scared. Like really scared. By the run.

But I was running today (another horrible run) and I have made a decision to try an experiment. And a huge weight lifted of my chest. Here is what I want to do. I am a decent runner. I can run ~42 10k in an Olympic distance triathlon without too much training. But as I was training for the half-marathon something happened. Pretty much every run workout in the two months leading to BSL ended in frustration and occasional tears. And it continues. I do not know whether it is because of the HM training but in my mind it is. So what I would like to do is to train as if I was training for a 10k (no half-marathon effort thrown in a middle of a long run and stuff like that) but with one looong run (well, loooong meaning 10-11miles). And then see whether I can pull of a half-marathon.
I of course need to run this idea by PPC first but you would not believe how relieved I was immediately after I thought of this.

Maybe it will not work out and I will die slow and painful death in Vegas but at least I hope I will not go through the run training I went through in May and June and it will be better for my confidence and stress levels.
I am excited by the idea!

I will make a decision whether I will continue with halfs after Vegas. I will definitely let you know!


  1. A lot of how well you run in Vegas will depend on bike fitness (ie how fresh can you feel in T2??) so we'll be working on that too. :)

  2. ok, well, this might come off sounding like the mother of a toddler but (oh god, this is such a cliche but here goes): the most important thing is that (say it with me) you are having fun!
    Let me try another tack. My goals right now are to run a 5 and 10 km as fast as possible but for various reasons (too lengthy and dull to go into here) I cannot seem to run any interval work-outs of 200 m - 1600 m (the one 1600 m repeat work-out I blogged about excepted) so... for the moment, I have just given up. My work-outs consist of, what for me, is fun i.e. tempo run between 5-10 km in distance (we are total opposites in terms of our training preferences). Now tempo runs of 5-10 km in length as the ONLY quality I am doing are far from optimal to maximize peformance over 5-10 km (to say the least) but for now it is what my body and brain can digest. So... that's what I am doing. All that to say - your idea, while certainly not optimal - is what is going to get your body and brain to enjoy training and perhaps to complete all of the work-outs so, given the givens, it is after all perhaps optimal.
    I will create a plan accordingly.
    p.s. you need a few runs longer than 11 miles but they don't have to have 1/2 mar effort thrown in.

  3. Belated Congrats on your race at BSLT!! :) And, enjoy the training for Vegas.