Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Attempt #2 at mile repeats

I failed my 3x1 mile workout last week so I gave it another try today. I did it in the morning on TM while A was still sleeping so it was way less stressful than last week! I took yesterday off to recover from my Sunday effort (haha!) and was ready to get back at it today but I was dreading it! I went back and forth betweek doing mile repeats today and bike intervals tomorrow and bike today and run tomorrow just to give me one more day without that mile repeat workout. But my BOB car seat adapter is arriving today (I bought BOB Ironman stroller off craigslist on Sunday for a great price) and I will not be able to test it till tomorrow and if I did run intervals tomorrow I would have to wait until Thursday to test it (because no double runs for me yet, I am worried about injury) but if I did bike tomorrow I can run with BOB later that day. So yeah, at the end I sucked it up and did mile repeats today.
Rationally I should not be worried because I knew I should be able to do them no problem but I was still nervous.
And really, I did them no problem. 3x1 mile at 8' pace at 0 incline with 4' walk btw 1 and 2, and 3' walk btw 2 and 3.
Half mile into the first one I could tell my legs felt tired and I started getting worried about two more but it was probably only in my head because I had no problem finishing the 1st one and then 2 more.
I was briefly contemplating doing one more repeat but then decided not to. Next week.

I would like to get to 4 miles of intervals at 8' pace in the next 2 weeks (3.5 miles next week and 4 the week after) and then keep 3-4 miles but start dropping the pace.

I am thinking that I will continue doing faster intervals and hill intervals once a week through November in order to get stronger and then take Dec and Jan to build some base and then start again with intervals in Feb to get some speed into the legs for HIM in June. I will not have many hours to train with baby and a new job starting Nov 1 so I need to make every session count!

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