Sunday, October 29, 2017

Best workout yet

I kind of fell off the training wagon the last three weeks but I have had several workouts that show that if I started training properly I can have some decent results. I need to remember those workouts to keep me motivated when I get lazy:(

I did a 20/20/20 bike today, meaning 20min at 160W, 20min at 180 and 20min at 200+. And it went really well and better than when I tried to do it last week. It was actually my best bike workout yet! I held 165 the first 20' no problem and then 185 the second 20' and 206W the third 20W. The last 20W was getting harder both physically and mentally so I played a game and was switching positions between aero and sitting up to get me through it.
I did 3x5' hard two weeks ago and I managed 241,241 and 246. Nothing awesome but I am happy with it for now. They were hard!

I also went to pool this week. I could not go before because of the pool hours but my mom arrived last week so she watched Alex for me. I swam 1900 yards (clearly, I am not one of those A type personalities that need to finish the workout at nice round number:))) and I was getting tired towards the end. But that was expected since I have not swum for months. Now that my mom is here, and staying for 5 months, I can finally go swimming regularly. Woohoohoo!

On a running front...I did a tempo 5k at 8' pace, which felt like just a tempo pace so that is progress too! I also ran 7.5 miles at 9' pace, which was my longest and fastest run in a year, almost exactly to a day:) My ITB was bugging me a little bit so it might be time to start going for ART as a preventive measure.

And a baby update...Alex is almost 4 months old! She is so cute and awesome:)
I am worried that she will be one of those kids that walk at 8 months because she refuses to lay flat. She has always been very active and wiggling all the time but she started to demand to be pulled into sitting position a month ago (as soon as she catches my hands she starts lifting her upper body to sitting position) but even that is not enough now. She flexes her legs and locks them when we try to sit her up because she wants to stand now and she loves it. But I dont blame her. Laying on your back and staring at the ceiling is boring. Whereas standing up she can see so much more:)

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